Thursday, October 20, 2011

Amellia-Meadow is two years old.....we can hardly believe how fast it has flown
Beauty and the Beast along with Rapunzel are her two favourite Disney movies so she was so excited to get the 'Mrs.Potts' tea service form her Mumma and Dadda.
Auntie Samantha gave her a shopping cart along with plenty of 'fake' food and Nanna and Grandad bought her a baby doll pram.
Happy Birthday sweetheart we love you

As all parent find out the box the gift comes in is usually much more fun than the gift itself!
Very excited to see Dadda arrive home from work

  Of course what started of as a 'quite' birthday tea ended up in a cake fight instigated by Auntie Samantha!

 Of course Jodie had to join in!

The only one who came to Samantha's rescue was Donovan

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