Friday, February 18, 2011

Since our visit to Atlanta at Christmas with Denise, Francis, Grant and Gavin, Colton has been pretty impressed with his Great Cousin 'Granty Planty' to the point of obsession!
Yesterday as I was reading to him he looked up to me and said 'Nanna...Have my eyes turned brown yet'?
I replied with 'no sweetheart they are still blue' and he responded with 'I want brown eyes like
Granty Planty'!
The icing on the cake was in the evening when Colton asked his Grandad to tell him a story about
David and the Lions Den....he sat close to his Grandad with eyes wide and paid attention to every detail he was being told...they came to the part of the story where David killed the lion with his own bare hands and Colton jumped out of his chair placed both hands above his head and stated to us all
'Guy's, David has powerful magic hands just like Granty Planty'....
So Grant, if you are reading this you have without doubt, someone in Phoenix Arizona who absolutely adores you... 

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