Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giselle Cassidy Crewse has arrived

I am officially a mother of two! Giselle-Cassidy arrived on her due date (Jan 20th) at 751pm... weighing a whopping 8 lbs, at a lengthy 21 inches long. McLaren couldn't be more proud! All she keeps saying is, "Mama, look at that baby!" followed by a besito:) Rob and i nicknamed McLaren 'Stinkies' when she was a newborn, so of course we had to think of a cute name for Giselle. I began calling her 'Slinky-kins' for two reasons; 1, Giselle flops around like a drunk person when you feed/change/burp her and 2, McLaren is obsessed with 'Toy Story' and talks about 'Slinky' all the time... so now we have 'Stinkies' and 'Slinkies' :)
Giselle's birth was such a peaceful experience... well, let me rephrase that... After i got the epidural, the labor was peaceful:) I got my epidural a little too late and experienced the true pain of labor. My sister said i sounded like an animal being slaughtered alive. I can honestly say i thought i was going to die BUT then that wonderful epidural solved my issues:) Giselle didn't even whimper when she was born and has been peaceful ever since. But i am under no illusion that she has a set of lungs on her that she is ready to use.
Giselle my Slinkies, welcome to the family!

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