Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We picked up Colton from school for his weekly 'sleep over' with Nanna and Grandad and he had the whole afternoon and evening planned ahead of time.
First on the agenda was making sure he bought his work boots and construction hat so as he could go into work with Grandad followed by his soccer net and ball so as Grandad could give him some practice time before his match in the morning. He went on to explain to me that maybe he should wear gloves when he is playing because it is cold out (yes he thinks it is cold when the temperature is 75 F) but after much deliberation he said "Nanna I don't think I will wear glove's because they just might interfere with my sense of touch"!
We noticed after putting Colton to sleep that night that he had strategically placed his work boots right next to Grandad's so as to make sure we remembered that he was spending the day at work with him! 
Soccer update
Colton scored 3 goals for his soccer team on Saturday morning
Congratulations Colton!

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