Friday, November 26, 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving which was held over a three day period.
Day One
Colton's school held a Turkey Feast of which he invited his Mumma and Nanna...Colton was the designated 'Line Leader' which apparently is an extremely important position as far as Colton is concerned!
We then all ate our Turkey Feast at the tables the children had decorated for us complete with place settings and turkey's made out of plastic cups and feathers
Colton showed us his Thanksgiving classwork and told us all about Plymouth Rock and the true meaning of Thanksgiving
He proudly posed with his Pre-K teacher
We organized a trip so as Colton could experience the true meaning of giving enabling him to realize that there are so many who have so little. He grasp the concept with integrity and love and eagerly chose toys and games that he no longer played with and filled the back of his grandad's truck and delivered them to those that could use them
Of course it had to end with a trip to our favourite ice cream parlor
(Auntie DeeCee will thoroughly understand this)
Amellia was a little reluctant to leave so Grandad had to give her a Fireman's carry
Everyone slept over on Thanksgiving Eve
The Phoenix sky was as blue as ever even though it is late November and the children wanted to take their cars out for a early morning walk

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