Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We can hardly believe that one year ago yesterday, we celebrated the arrival of
 This little one is an absolute joy...she brings so much happiness into all of our lives especially that of her mumma and dadda Jodie and Donovan. She is coming along in leaps and bounds with her walking but still absolutely loves being carried and fact I think she would let us carry her all day long with no complaints. She loves to follow her mumma around mimicking everything she does and loves to pretend she is doing housework by having a cloth in her hand and wiping down the furniture! Yesterday she done the most sweetest thing by getting a tissue and pretending to sneeze and then looked over to us all saying ooh... hoping that we would sympathise with her.....and of course we all did. Jodie has this incredible way of always making sure that whom ever birthday it is or what ever the occasion she always makes sure it is special so as to create memories. She gave Amellia a wonderful birthday with her friends and family including her Grandma Williams and looked beautiful wearing a 'tutu' and a crown...which of course was the insistence of her mumma... Happy Birthday Sweetheart and thank you for bringing us so much joy


Thank you Mumma for making my day so special xxxxx

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