Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Lovely Cougar

Monday was a very sad and somber day for the Dowlings. Our lovely, kind and intelligent dog of 11 years had to be put to sleep. Cougar was such a happy dog, so obedient and had a special bond with the kiddies in the family (*Bailey, Ethan, Colton and McLaren). Over the past few weeks, everyone noticed that Cougar was a little 'under the weather'. A few days ago, Cougar couldn't use his back legs anymore no matter how hard he tried. My parents took him to the Vet and to our dismay, Cougar was diagnosed with spinal and brain cancer. The Vet said he only had a couple weeks to live, and keeping him alive would cause him more pain and suffering. On Monday he was taken to the Vet by my Dad and sister Jodie who held him while he was put to rest. The Doctor said he must have been so so poorly due to the fact that it only took a little medicine to put him to sleep. At least he went with his best friend, my Dad, beside him. Cougar... you are sorely missed....

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