Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New York New York (May:)

City life!
On the bus tour... we had to sit apart for a little whiles:)
My "Britney Spears" pose by the Subway....
Rob trying on glasses in China Town... best place to get cool stuff for cheap:)
Love Birds taking the train to White Plains:)
We finally got to New York.... in a word, brilliant! So many people, so much to do and you need lots of money to do it all. We spent two nights at the Ritz Carlton in White Planes New York (so pretty), then two days in New York Time Square. I love love love the subway... you can get anywhere for cheap cheap cheap. The food in china town is great and the bus tour we took was well worth the mula... (oh and as you can tell i'm pretty crap at taking scenic pictures so yeah.....)

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