Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I cannot believe that six weeks have passed since I updated the family blog...so much has happened but of course the BIG news is that Samantha and Robby are having a baby and we are all waiting with baited breathe to find out what it is. McLaren attended nursery in church on Sunday which was a big milestone for her mumma and dadda when they realized that their 'Baby Girl' was growing up so fast. She attends Aqua-tots swimming class every week which apparently she loves. She is speaking so well now and has become very vocal at getting her point across. She understands and also speaks a little Spanish and I give all of the credit for that achievement to her Nona Crewse who only speaks to her in Spanish. She is so tiny and petite and loves spending time playing with Colton and kissing Amellia. She loves having 'sleep-overs' with us and has her Grandad wrapped around her little finger and she butters him up the moment she walks through the door.  Her hair is growing quite a bit and when Samantha puts it up on top of her head she reminds me of my niece April when she was little (Janice and April if you are reading this you must email a photograph of April at the same age so as I can compare them :-)
We then of course have the antics of Colton.....he is having a great time in 'school'. The Pre-K children had their graduation (of which Colton will be part of next year) and his class performed by singing. The whole thing was wonderful and it bought a tear to my eye to realize just how fast he is growing up. You have to imagine that there were probably twenty, 3 year old on a stage singing and performing and to say that their concentration level was a little short would be an understatement! There was just the one microphone which allowed their voices to project across the hall but I could see Colton had his eye on it...when they were finished and instructed by their teacher to exit the stage Colton could not resist grabbing the mic, giving the 'thumbs up' sign and saying 'Bye Grandad'!!
He loves spending time with both Stuart and I, especially when we pick him up from school and he spends the night with us. He is obsessed with Cold Stone Creamery and is always giving me a call to see if we can go to our 'special' ice cream place.
We had a great time when Denise and Francis came for a visit but since then Colton has become 'obssessed' with Uncle Francis...everything we do Colton has a comment or remark which usually starts with "Uncle Francis said". I have been told that you cannot speak when you go over bumps because "Uncle Francis said" and we have to drive home from school a certain way because "Uncle Francis said". Last week Jodie took Colton to get his hair trimmed and she mentioned to the stylist to cut it like Justin Bieber's well Colton heard wrong and thought she told them to cut it 'just like a beavers' and he got so excited  because he knew Uncle Francis had one of those in his garden (for those who don't know Francis had a beaver eat into a large tree in his back yard) and his response was "Oh great I'm going to look just like Uncle Francis's beaver". The icing on the cake was last week when I asked Colton what does he think Auntie Samantha's baby will be and he immediately told me it would be a boy. I then went onto ask him "what name do you think we should call him" and without taking hesitation he said "Uncle Francis"....so apparently as far as Colton is concerned Samantha and Robby's baby is to be called "Uncle Francis" so as you can see Francis left somewhat an impression on him.
Now of course there is baby Amellia Meadow.....she is absolutely adorable and growing so fast. She, like the other two is also obsessed with her grandad and goes absolutely crazy when she sees him and subsequently cries when he leaves. She is now crawling and saying Nana and Grandad (take note that she is not saying mumma and dadda)! and she too loves spending the night with us. Unlike McLaren her hair is 'not'  growing and at 8 months (much to Jodie's annoyance) she will no longer keep the big bows that her mumma and nanna make for her in her hair. But you would definitely not mistake this little girl for a boy because when Jodie announced that should she ever have a girl it would be like a pink explosion she was not joking because she always dresses this little one in pink and frills!

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