Friday, January 8, 2010

Sue Dowling: Grandmother, Mother, Wife and Friend

A few days ago, my beautiful Nan, Sue Dowling lost her battle with cancer. Even with the knowledge that she is dwelling in heaven with our wonderful Creator.... I miss her so. With the tears cried and the many prayers said, all in all, I know I'll be with her again.

I remember when I went shopping with her Downtown in jolly 'ole England as a child. I remember holding her hand... I must have been 5 years old at the time. She always walked with conviction... she knew where she was going, what she was going to accomplish and there was always a method to her mission. On that specific day, she was taking me to Woolworth's (a shop much like Target). She took me down the toy aisle and asked me what toy looked good to me. I looked at the many toys and saw a 'Doctors Kit' that look awesome. It had the stethoscope, the fake injection, blood pressure reader... it was the whole works. I told her i thought it fab! She picked it up and bent down and said, "Now I know your birthday is a week away but since i get the pleasure of having you for the day lets get you something to play with while you wait for your birthday to come around."

You see.... that was my Nan, always thinking of how to make any situation more exciting.
I always remember my Nan wearing little fluffy high heeled slippers around the house, with a knee length skirt and a sweet blouse. She always looked like she was ready to entertain, even if she was sitting home alone with my Granddad Roy. She was so particular about neatness that it would make an actual "neat freak' look unkempt. Gosh, I could go on and on about the memories I have of her. She was an amazing cook, oh and she LOVED listening to the same music Jodie and I would listen to ("Take That")... she was just too wonderful for words.

When someone so special passes, you always pray for that 'one more minute' or 'one more phone call'.... but after lots of prayer these last few days I have come to realize that I have memories of her that will last beyond my years... and until I meet her again in Heaven, that will just have to be enough.

Nan... I love you... I miss you... and you better be there waiting to greet me on the other side:)

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