Monday, December 28, 2009

Six Flags...but missin' my Bee-Boo's

So here we are... in Valenica California getting ready to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain tomorrow! Woo Hoo! Call me a baby but I feel like only part of my heart is here.... my McLaren is at home with GiGi and Grandad and  miss her so much. I know I know, we will only be apart for 2 days, but that's far too long... I love her too much. Since McLaren is my life, things always seem a little off without her around. But, all in all it's a blessing to be here with Rob and have some fun, screaming our guts out on some extreme rides!

Now McLaren... if you are reading this, don't start walking before I get home. I LOVE YOU!

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Barbara said...

I'm so glad I have your link! Looks like fun for make the CUTEST Mum! Hugs to you all!