Monday, April 13, 2009


Colton-McQueen cuddling his cousin McLaren-Sophie on Easter:)

Colton filling his 'dump-truck easter egg' basket!
Granddad and McLaren having some cuddle time... so cute!
What a glorious Easter afternoon! McLaren, Rob and i headed over to GeGe and Granddads house where Jodie cooked a scrumptious meal of Lamb, roasted sweet and regular potatoes, fresh carrots and gravy... SO GOOD! Colton had a little Easter Egg hunt in the back yard with his mumma and I. Rob, Donovan, Dad and McLaren hung out inside talking 'football' :) This Easter was almost perfect... I say 'almost' because GeGe wasn't present. She is in Atlanta visiting her Dad, Denise, Francis, Grant and Gavin. BUT McLaren and I will be joining her on Wednesday morning..... WOO HOO! HAPPY EASTER to ALL!!!!

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