Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 months and growing WAY too fast!!

Can you believe it!? McLaren is already 2 months old!!! My little girl is growing so fast. She had me shedding real tears last night because she was talking (cooing) so much and so loud. She is blooming into this beautiful being that brings me such humility and gratitude. I never imagined I could love someone so much... I don't know what I did to deserve such a blessing from God... I must have done something right!
McLarens favorites:
1) Whistling (my mum discovered this)
2) Spanish (my mother-in-law speaks to her in Spanish and she always smiles and talks back)
3) Baths (as long as the water doesn't touch her face, she loves it)
4) Being rocked/having her butt lightly patted
5) Ceiling fans! (turn a ceiling fan on and she'll watch it for hours)
6) Granddad Dowlings voice (he speaks to her so softly and she just silently listens)
7) Her nephew Colty Bolty and two neices Carys and Maddies
8) Her changing mat! (She loves laying on it and kicking like crazy!)
McLarens not-so favorite things:
1) Poopy/Wet diapers (As soon as she's done her thing, she wants it changed)
2) Motor cycles (every time we are on a walk and one drives by, she frowns)
3) Touching her nose (she freaks out)
4) Burping (she would rather continue eating than have to waste time burping)
5) Waiting for her bottle (when she's ready to eat you better have the bottle warm and ready!)
6) Getting strapped in her car seat (once she's in it she doesn't mind)
7) Not seeing Daddy all-day when he's a work (she loves having her DaDa around)
8) When we have to stop in traffic or at the stop light (she likes the movement of the car)

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